Name Change

Legal documents like driver’s licenses and birth certificates can fail to capture the identity of LGBTQ+ people. This often follows changes to one’s name or gender and can result in a struggle to have these personal matters recognized. Legally filing for a change to one’s name and/or gender marker can notify the proper channels about one’s new identity and help ensure its recognition. For transgender and gender nonconforming folks, research associates identity- consistent legal documents with improved socioeconomic outcomes. The Great Falls LGBTQ+ Center is happy to assist community members looking to obtain these services.

What we offer

Legal Clinics

Informational sessions with local attorneys about the legal process of changing one’s
name or gender marker.

Printing and Form Assistance

Assistance for those who need guidance completing or obtaining necessary forms and

Financial Assistance

The Centers Say My Name Fund will assist in paying the costs associated with legal name change, such as court document filing and news paper listings. To apply, please check our page for the Say My Name Fund

Frequently asked Questions

  • How long does this process take?
    This process can take 5-10 weeks after filing and perhaps longer depending on the
  • How much does it cost?
    This varies depending on one’s filing status and where the Notice of Hearing is
    advertised. Generally, it can range from $45-$365 with additional postage and stationary
  • What is the Notice of Hearing?
    A classified ad in a reputable local paper disclosing the date and time of one’s hearing.
    This requirement can be waived if individual is approved for Sealed Record filing. This
    is recommended for cost and safety.

How-to Guides

MT Name and Gender Marker Changes 101 (Video)
Name Change Packets


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