Board Application

The Great Falls LGBTQ+ Center is currently accepting applications for a position on our board! You will find the application document below, as well as more information on what our board member requirements are as well as how to submit your application.


  • Bylaw Requirements: All board members are required to be residents of the State of Montana and may not be employees of the Center.
  • Time Commitment: Board members are expected to attend all monthly Board meetings (2 hours on the 3rd Thursdays), perform agreed-upon duties for their roles (such as a member of an executive board or committee chair), and be able to work at least two shifts at the Center a month. 
  • Financial Commitment: Board members are expected to contribute to the organization by raising at least $500 for the Center per fiscal year. This can be satisfied with an awarded grant, project, or event you (as a board member) organize. 
  • Leadership and Vision: Board members should have demonstrated leadership in the community and have the perspective to see the big picture and the ability to create and re-set strategy and policy to ensure the organization is achieving its mission and goals when making decisions on behalf of the Center. 
  • Advocacy, Stewardship and Integrity: Board members should possess the ability to serve and promote the interests and goals of the organization while keeping in mind the interests of the community at large and the Center’s direct beneficiaries. 
  • Knowledge and Experience: Board members should possess specialized knowledge and/or experience with non-profits, some specific operational function of the board or the Center, familiarity with the LGBTQ+ community, the willingness to become thoroughly familiar with the mission and how the organization actually carries out the mission day-to-day through its organizational structure and operations.
  • Personal Commitment and Diligence: Board members should be willing to make the necessary time and put forth the necessary effort to fulfill their duties as board member including directing the strategic, financial and operational issues facing the Center; asking questions and following up as necessary; and personally engaging in the organization through financial support, advocacy, networking, programmatic support, or other personal service to the day to day operations of the Center. 
  • Collegiality: Board members should be able to understand how the board operates as one body and show respect to fellow board members, staff, volunteers, and members of the community at large.

Please download the PDF below, and fill it out. ALL portions of the application must be filled out. Any section that does not apply please use “n/a” on. All applications must be signed.

Once you have a completed application, you can email it you [email protected] (where it will be sent to our board selection committee), drop it in our mailbox at the center (Located in Time Squres at 500 Central Avenue), mail to the center, or drop it off in-person during the centers open-hours