Counseling Services

The center has local LCSWs (Licensed Care Social Worker) who volunteer their time and professional services to see visitors at the center.  These professional volunteers are either members of the LGBTQ+ Community, or they have a strong record of helping and supporting members of our LGBTQ+ Community.  All professional volunteers and Board members are Safe Zone trained.

To make an appointment with one of our LCSWs, please call 406.453.0589, or send an email to  This service is free of charge.

Support Groups

The Great Falls LGBTQ+ Center currently offers various support groups.  Support groups are Safe Zones designed for visitors to share experiences with other similar individuals. All support groups are facilitated by one of our volunteer LCSWs (Licensed Care Social Worker).  Every topic discussed in support groups is kept strictly confidential.

LGBTeen Quties/YOUTH SUPPORT GROUP – Open to all persons 19 years or younger. This group is open to individuals of any orientation, with a special emphasis on supporting one another within the broader LGBTQ+ community. Social events and other activities are typically held at 5pm on the first and third Saturday of each month.  For more information, follow this group on Instagram, SnapChat or Facebook at .

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS – Typically meets on Saturdays at 10am at the Center.  Please check our calendar of events for more information.

Rapid HIV Testing

The Great Falls LGBTQ+ Center offers free, rapid HIV testing on site once per month.  All testing is 100% confidential and is completed by a licensed professional. Testing is first come first served (no appointment is necessary) and takes place at the LGBTQ+ Center on the second Wednesday of every month from Noon-4pm.

Social Activities

The Great Falls LGBTQ+ Center partners with local organizations to host social events for the Great Falls LGBTQ+ Community that provide an opportunity to meet and network with other local LGBTQ+ persons. For the most up-to-date listing of social events sponsored by the Great Falls LGBTQ+ Center, see our Calendar of Events, or like our Facebook page!

Safezone Training

This training was created to develop, enhance and maintain environments in workplaces, schools and other social settings that are culturally competent and supportive to LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning) individuals, as well as straight, cisgender people who care about diversity, equality and inclusion.

A safe zone or a safe space is a place where all people feel safe, welcome and included.  It may be a room, a car, or an entire college campus.  The Gay Alliance SafeZone program aims to increase the awareness, knowledge, and skills for individuals and address the challenges that exist when one wants to advocate for their LGBTQ peers, family members, friends, coworkers and for themselves. Creating safe zones or safe spaces is a proactive step that schools, agencies and corporations can take to create welcoming, inclusive spaces so that all people are empowered to reach their full potential. (Gay Alliance –

Safe Zone Training must be booked in advance.  To schedule a Safe Zone training, please call 406.453.0589, or send an email to


The LGBTQ+ Center hosts a number of informational pamphlets covering topics like Safe Sex/STDs & STIs, The Process of Coming Out, and Trans Resources to name but a few.

All informational resources are free of charge and are available to be picked up at any time during our regular business hours.

Do you have a question about our resources?  Please call 406.453.0589, or send an email to, or send us a Facebook message to find out more!


The Great Falls LGBTQ+ Center is constantly adding services and resources to make sure that we are the most comprehensive resource to the Great Falls LGBTQ+ community.

If there is a service the center cannot provide, we will gladly refer you to professional organization that can meet your needs with little or no cost to you.